For 20 years now, we unfailingly distribute food & clothes to the people in our Community from 10 am – 12 pm every Saturday, caring for over 200 people per week.

We continue to collect clothing, food, money, shoes, etc., to distribute to the poor and needy in our various church location neighborhoods in New York.

Many thanks to the FOOD BANK of NY, UNITED WAY, and our local church members for their generous contribution to making this community service possible. The organization “Feed The Children” had also supported us in the past, thank God. 

From January to June 2007, we taught people to read, write and speak English. We also helped prepare foreigners for Immigration tests. These were called “Immigration Initiatives” – sponsored by the New York City Department of Youth.

We hope to receive sponsorship for the continuation of this program in the nearest future. Please look out for G.E.D. preparation and other classes which will help the people of our communities – coming soon.

As a part of our services to our community, we loaned our church space to the U.S. Census Bureau to help recruit and train people who did various jobs for the 2010 census.