Church Services

Sunday Fellowship

We invite you to fellowship with us every Sunday @ 11 am. Sunday school session is @ 10 am.

Wednesday Bible Study

Bible Study is always every Wednesday @ 6 pm. Come & be Blessed

Friday Prayer

The first two Friday of the month are for Vigil @ 10 pm. 3rd & 4th Friday are for prayer @ 7 pm.

Food Distribution

Community food distribution is every Saturday @ 9 pm. All are welcomed to participant.

Our Community

Community Services

For many years now, we unfailingly dis- tribute food & clothes to the people in our Community from 10am – 12pm every Saturday, taking care of over 200 people per week. We continue to collect clothing, food, money, shoes, etc. to distribute to the poor and needy in our various church lo- cation neighborhoods in New York. Many thanks to the FOOD BANK of NY, UNITED WAY and our own church mem- bers for their generous contribution to making this community service possible. “Feed The Children” had also supported us in the past, thank God. From January to June 2007, we were able to teach people to read, write and speak English. We also helped prepare foreigners for Immigration tests. These were called “Immigration Initiatives” - sponsored by the New York City Department of Youth. We hope to receive sponsorship for the continuation of this program in the nearest future. Please look out for G.E.D. prepara- tion and other classes which help the peo- ple of our communities - coming soon. As a part of our services to our communi- ty, we loaned our church space to the U.S. Census Bureau to help recruit and train people who will do the various jobs for the 2010 census.

Medical Outreach

As part of service to our members and the community at large, at least once a year, we provide free medical screening – using the expertise of our church members who are medical practitioners. Some of the services recently provided are: • Diabetic Screening (Blood Sugar) • Blood Pressure Screening • Blood Oxygen Level Screening • Lung Function Test(Computerized measurement of the lung volume Func- tion) SCHOLARSHIPS


In an effort to promote excellence in school, one of the men’s groups in our church (called Fogo Society) awards scholarships to the two most excellent college-bound students.


On behalf of the national organization, this local Queen, NY church operates both 24 hours Internet Radio and TV stations, broadcasted on such platforms as ROKU, TV Afrique, Lifezone TV, Eagerness of God Network, etc. On these stations we spread the gospel through various forms of teaching.

Bible Institute

In collaboration with all branches of our church in New York City, we now operate a Bible Institute which has now been designated as a National school instead of local.

  • Christ Apostolic Church WOSEM is a Spirit-filled, biblically-based church with a passion for helping people draw closer to God through a relationship with Jesus Christ. We invite you to attend our services at one of our church locations.
  • THE WORLD SOUL WINNING EVANGELISTIC MINISTRY, Which has been abbreviated as WOSEM is strong evangelistic arm of the Christ Apostolic Church with its branches stretching across the length and breath of Nigeria and Oversees. It was founded through the direction of God Himself for the Purpose of winning souls in all parts of the World for Christ.
  • The mission of Christ Apostolic Church of America, Inc. a/k/a Christ Apostolic Church WOSEM is to disciple, multiply and nurture new converts, believers and churches in prayer, un-compromised biblical doctrine, worship, fellowship and practical evangelism in obedience to the great commission and with the unity of the whole body of Christ.
  • The Vision of WOSEM is Soul Winning ministry. It is World Soul Winning Evangelistic Ministry. Taking the Gospel to everywhere humanity is found. It is a world vision, according to Matthew 28:19-20. Our Strategy is to engage in a process of turning seekers into saints, consumers into contributors, members into ministers and audience into army.