A Higher Level

I have a desire that I want to share with you which I wish you too can pray for. It is the desire to be promoted to a higher level of relationship with God. The inspiration for this became more intense as the Lord took me to the transfiguration story recorded in the gospel according to St. Mark chapter 9:2-13

I see that only Peter James and John were invited or taken up to the mountain (Mk 9:2), though Jesus had many disciples. This calls me to pray that the Lord will have mercy on me and choose me to be among those He would take up to a higher level in Him. The bible says Jesus took and led them up on a high mountain. Jesus has to take and lead you to a height in Him, so you may experience another dimension of His awesomeness.

Once you get to a higher level in Christ:

(a) You will begin to see what others are not privileged to see in the spiritual realm, though they attend the same church with you or minister as you do. Mk 9:2-4 informs us that those three disciples got to see Jesus transfigured. May you and I be taken to a higher level in Christ and may your inner eyes be open.

(b) You will enjoy such a sense of peace and awe, to the point that you would never want to leave such a realm. Peter asked Jesus at this point to let them build a tent right there on the mountain (Mark 9:5).

(c) You will hear exclusive information, not released to everybody else. Peter, James and John got to hear the voice of God say in Mk 9:7, “This is my Beloved Son, Hear Him!” May the Lord speak His voice to confirm His call over your life in Jesus name.

(d) You will be treated as matured by the Lord who will commit secret things of His kingdom to you. In Mk. 9:9-10 Jesus asked them to keep to themselves all they had seen. Indeed they kept it as instructed.

May you be moved up in the spiritual in Jesus name.

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